Friday, January 30, 2009

Guantanomo in Leavenworth

What are you thoughts? You may think I would be against it. Quite the opposite. I think we should take them. Kansas should do it's part in the war on terror and housing these guys here is a good way to do it. I see one Kansas Congresswoman (Lynn Jenkins) has already wrote Obama a letter opposing it. It looks like it us or Colorado. May as well be us. MSK

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pork Laden, So Called Stimulus Bill

Is anyone else outraged at this bill. $835 billion. Full of liberal spending projects like $400 billion for global warming and now it turns out that Obama and the Dems are going to get the Illegals their tax refund. That's right, Illegal Aliens in the United States will get a "Tax Credit" along with all the legal people that don't make enough to even pay taxes. Welfare. Let's put millions of Illegals on welfare and then we'll make them citizens and then we will have an unstoppable Democratic base.

If we allow this bill to pass it will cost our children dearly. I hear as much as a 60% - 70 % tax rate just to pay for this. Our children will have that much taken from every paycheck so that Al Gore can push his Global Warming Agenda. Call Washington and talk to your Congressmen and Senators. Dems, you too. We can not afford this . Bad Businesses need to be allowed to fail.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Mutual Aid

When is Mutual Aid called in for an emergency and what determines who is called? I was told that when the four girls were killed Ulysses called Lakin for additional help? Why did we not use Critical Care Transport? I was told that if you call 911 and request an ambulace, you can specify if you want GC EMS or CCT. If you do specify of course GC EMS is called. But if GC EMS has all their ambulances and there is a need for another why would it not automatically be CCT? Who knows these answers or is willing to find out?
Ulysses Pap

Thursday, January 22, 2009

jennifer longfellow court today GUILTY

The buzz around town, is that Jennifer Longfellow was found guilty in court today. She has been charged with Failure to yield the right of wayand vehicular manslaughter x4. Sentencing will be in 30 days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jennifer Longfellow Trial this week

It is my understanding that the trial in front of Judge Alford is set for this Thursday January 22nd 2009 at 2:00pm. I could be wrong on the time. I was also told this was an open hearing, so anyone could attend. MSK

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Please Read City Council Minutes"

I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks so I went back into 2008 to check if I'd missed anything, and seen some questions about the city council. One question was "who would be elected to the Economic Development Board" from the newspaper. I read until I found out that Jerry Brown was unanimously elected to the position. If I'm correct he is responsible for the gas prices in Ulysses being higher than anywhere else since he supplies most of Ulysses. Plus there was a question from Brainy about my information about the man that owned a trailer that needed to be moved so they could have an off road to the new WalMart. Brainy, a man called Rob Kreutzer presented a request for help with expenses in "moving one of his trailers" to allow for the turning lane into the new WalMart in the amount of $14,448. If this wasn't enough he asked for another $14,448 to offset the loss of rent he would lose from the abandoned lot. If I'm right, this is that gross slum lord trailer court on the east side of Ulysses. Then comes Lynda Fort, owner of her elite little bed and breakfast place, asking for the sum of $17,950 for just her part of the centennial starting on Jan. 31st, not counting what the rest of the committees are asking for their part. (Should I ask, if anyone would even attend the centennial?) I should address our expenses of Willie Nelson singing and our painting the gazebo for the celebration, RIGHT? All of the above was voted in. Then Scott Malone asks "if the lake is filling up? Then he asked about the ground to the E. of the lake. Nothing is growing there, not even weeds." DUH! So a member chimed in to have the soil tested. Duh, again. How does sewage grow anything but green smelly slime. At this same meeting in the minutes, it was stated that the federal funds are to be cut by $160 million dollars in 2010 which means 35 million less for local governments. Are we not facing one of the worst distressing recessions, and why aren't our elected officials finding ways to cut their spending if WE THE PEOPLE have to. Patriot is very correct when telling us how important it is to go to the meetings. Only one or a few visitors are attending. We have so many issues in Ulysses that need funding rather than stupidity ones that they come together and SAY "What can we spend the peoples money on this time that we don't need to spend"? They come up with the idiotist awful projects that eventually costs us to the core. Please, everyone go to this site and start reading the minutes, plus there is a place to email your responses to them. I can't believe I'm getting politically crazy along with THEM. God help me. Joy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Parents Responsibility

I had previously read a news article about a family who was upset when a bakery would not spell their childs name on a birthday cake. That little boy's name is Adolf Hitler. They named his two younger siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. This family is once again in the news only this time the children have been taken from the home, but reason as to why is not being let out to the public. My question is as a parent, what responsibility do we have to our children in giving them names? The parents insist they are not racist and yet look at these names. In a time when celebs name their children things like Apple, where is our culture as Americans going with names? Just a strange thought I wanted to share.

Friday, January 9, 2009

oil companies

who else thinks the price of gas dropped so it would bankrupt the ethanol industry? the smaller plants around will go under and be bought out by the large worldwide corporations and with democrats controlling the govt. they will be making ethanol and other renewable fuel for the rest of forever anyway, but I think that was the goal of the sharp changes in the price of gas

Saturday, January 3, 2009

are there Consequences to pay when there is Tragedy?

Just a thought and a discussion to see what others think?? This is in no way intended to slam anyone or hurt anyone, but to discuss a very important matter.

When there is a tragedy like the death of the little 4 year old, or the death of the baby in left in the back seat all day at the hospital, or the death of those 4 beautiful teens, or someone crosses a center line on accident and kills someone.................these are all accidents............or are they Negligence? Are they any different than any other thing that others are charged with. If you run a red light and don't hurt anyone you are issued a ticket. If you shoplift and get caught you go to court, if you rob a place and don't even kill anyone or get any thing, you may go to prison. Seems to me like our laws are double standarded in some cases. I have been thinking alot about the accidents with the 4 yr old, the baby, and the teens........should there be a price to pay for this or not................? Of course the family and friends all pay one price but is that enough. With no Consequences maybe thats why these things happen over and over. IF YOU SPANK YOUR CHILD IN PUBLIC, YOU RISK LOOSING YOUR CHILD AND YOUR OTHER CHILDREN, IF YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEM AS THE SYSTEM FILLS YOU SHOULD, YOU PAY THE PRICE....... so what about all these accidents? If there was a price to pay on the norm..........just like if you know you get caught speeding you are more careful............. if people knew they were going to pay a price besides the high price of a life........would it be different. Money is very mysterous, having fines, time in jail or prison, not very appealing. Like I said, I am not expressing my personal opinion here as I don't know that I have yet formed an opinion, these are just thoughts that are crossing thru my head and I know others have said the same to me.
Please post your thoughts..................