Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's going on in town?

It's been a while since any one has posted on here. I just figured that I would comment on a few things that have been going on in town. The City seems to me like they think they are above everyone else, with the problems from the fence of Leggette's to the mobile home that they are letting come in to the Valley View area.

I have driven all over town and seen fences, covered patios and porches that should not be allowed. There are parts of this town that look like you are in Mexico. I have no idea why the city has picked on Leggette's fence. If the city issued the permit then I can see no reason why they are not letting them put it up. I wondered when I first saw it going up how they were allowed to put it up next to the sidewalk but I figured if the city said it was ok then it must be. Plus it is not the only fence next to the sidewalk in town. I also agree with the residents that are fighting with the double wide being allowed to go in. It will definately hurt the value on their homes and they have every right to be upset about it.

I have heard quite a few comments about our city manager saying that he can be very rude and hateful. I have never had any negative interactions with him but I have never had any business dealings with him either. I do think Thad has done a good job as mayor. In my opinion, if you are mayor then it has to be your responsibility to be available at all times to meet with the public. I do understand where he is coming from as he has stated in the past that if it interferes with his family then he is done being mayor. I give a lot of respect to him for that because I know how much family means to me. But saying that, he does need to make time to fulfill his postition as mayor.

I also drove by the "walmart" location. To me it looks like the building that is going up is going to be the smallest walmart in the world.