Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's going on in town?

It's been a while since any one has posted on here. I just figured that I would comment on a few things that have been going on in town. The City seems to me like they think they are above everyone else, with the problems from the fence of Leggette's to the mobile home that they are letting come in to the Valley View area.

I have driven all over town and seen fences, covered patios and porches that should not be allowed. There are parts of this town that look like you are in Mexico. I have no idea why the city has picked on Leggette's fence. If the city issued the permit then I can see no reason why they are not letting them put it up. I wondered when I first saw it going up how they were allowed to put it up next to the sidewalk but I figured if the city said it was ok then it must be. Plus it is not the only fence next to the sidewalk in town. I also agree with the residents that are fighting with the double wide being allowed to go in. It will definately hurt the value on their homes and they have every right to be upset about it.

I have heard quite a few comments about our city manager saying that he can be very rude and hateful. I have never had any negative interactions with him but I have never had any business dealings with him either. I do think Thad has done a good job as mayor. In my opinion, if you are mayor then it has to be your responsibility to be available at all times to meet with the public. I do understand where he is coming from as he has stated in the past that if it interferes with his family then he is done being mayor. I give a lot of respect to him for that because I know how much family means to me. But saying that, he does need to make time to fulfill his postition as mayor.

I also drove by the "walmart" location. To me it looks like the building that is going up is going to be the smallest walmart in the world.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catholic burial ground of still born babies

On the other topix, they brought up spooky places in Ulysses. I remembered on the spot of Family Phys, there was a day care for children. A lot of strange and spooky things took place on the cameras placed strategically that made your hair stand on in. The Catholic Nuns ran the hospital at the time and all the still born or miscarriaged babies were buried on that spot. Many scary stories came out of this story that I witnessed myself.

Have you heard of any spooky stories about that place? I'm serious about these stories that were told to me by employees.????

Maybe this is whats wrong with the most disliked woman that works there and rules big time. K. N.'s PS-Hats off to the new person that is improving the blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's happening to Uly. Topics?

What is happenig to the Uly. Topics? There isn't any new subjects any more. Just one or two and thats all. Joy


Shes also pregant. Probably old news and she is very very angry. About what, I don't have a clue. Angry about the wreck, maybe, angry at herelf, maybe. Who knows???? Her sister said the Area Mental Health is doing a lousy job helping her. She needs a professional, not a want to be. I just happened to meet her sister, not knowing who she was. She was anxous to spew the story to a stranger. ODD!!!! Never laid eyes one the sister before. Had questions bug kept my mouth shut. Joy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women

Ok-This is a dumb song that a friend and I sang at a party at high school. My parents were humiliated and after thinking about it, so was I. We didn't win either. The teachers couldn't believe that shy me could even consider singing such a song. I loved the song even tho I never developed smoking or alcohol. Plus what is Country Western songs all about. "Drinkin, and divorce, etc."

The reason I'm bringing up this subject, leaving out wild women, is the fact that I'm extremely angry with what WE THE PEOPLE are not yelling and screaming and writing our reps and senators with outragious feelings about what our own government has done by raising in prices of cigarettes. I was told today that one pack was almost up to $7, not counting a whole carton, which breaks those who are addicted. Yes, I know the government is trying to get a clean environment, but why pick on smokers. They can step outside to smoke.

Why don't they raise the price of liquor etc. That's what the real killer. Alcohol kills innocent families, not counting their selves by sclerosis of the liver. Id rather pass a car with a smoker driving than a drunk, wouldn't you. Its so hard to quick smoking etc. How is a family that started smoking when it was the cool thing to do to just quit? Alcoholics have AA and I guess there is a need for Smokers Anonymous.

Actually I think its a government thing to crapt on the American people any way to break them and make life miserable for all of us, including gas and groceries and next our prescriptions esp for the elderly. They keep finding ways to make us the broke generation. Theres two kinds of people, the super poor and the super rich. And it's on the way fast. Why didn't they do this many years ago. The government should have banned cigarettes back in the 40's. What do you all think. I don't like cig. smoke, but its better than a boozer behind a wheel. Whats your opinion of our government and their stupid decisions and believe me they are stupid.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Should the UCLA kids be able to graduate with the high school kids?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What ever happened to the Marvin deal?

If I remember correctly, his trial is coming up soon. Anyone know any more details on this?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

larrys oil

what ever happened to the larrys oil thing?

Monday, April 13, 2009

License Plates

Does anyone know why some people get the new license plates when they renew and why some only get the sticker?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

hot damn I'm an author

hot damn I'm an author

Friday, April 10, 2009

Casey Anthony Case

I am wanting to get everyones opinions on the Casey Anthony case. Tell me what you think about it. Guerita

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is Dr. Quiano really dead?

Ulysses is at it again, but this time its a doozy. Usually, where theres a rumor, theres a bit of truth. I had a strange visit with a good friend a week ago. I've sit on our conversation for days. Could this be true or one more horrible piece of gossip? Its driving me up the wall wondering who or why this story is circulating in Ulysses. Should I put it on our topics? Why not. All that can happen is I get blasted for posting news that prob. half of Ulysses has heard by now. This isn't the strangest fabrication thats happened in Ulysses. My honest friend shared that it's also being investigated by the authorities. The information is that Dr. Quiano's body or ashes or whatever has not been returned to the United States after all this time. It's been said that without the body being brought back, that his estate can't be settled. So what is going on. Word has it that maybe he doesn't want to return to Ulysses, that he wants to disappear, but why? Does he have a huge insurance policy? Does his wife have a huge insurance policy on him also. After the dust settles, will they share the policies, or will he share his by himself. Is he running from something? Does he want to disappear in the Philippines? I don't know how to address this news. I know hes a kind, well thought of, doctor. Yes, he's had problems in his past with women, but who hasn't had a problem of some kind in their lives. Unless we are all perfect, I feel that we all need to pray for him and his safety, if need be. What is your opinion? Have you heard this strange story? I feel I shouldn't share this, but I also feel I should share what kind of crud that someone in Ulysses is spreading about a decent doctor thats served this small town. Joy

Happy Easter.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Sarah

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

what is this?

how come you dont have to sign in anymore? whats that all about

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walmart project is DEAD

Walmart is dead. According to sources Walmart cancelled 15 new projects due the economy and ours was one of them. I have no clue if they pick it up again at a laer date or not but for now it is not coming. The ethanol plant is also a no go. MSK

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$500 Fine and No Drivers License for One Year

I received an email from an unknown person last night and this is what they said. Jennifer Longfellow was sentenced yesterday in court. $500 fine and lose of driver license for one year. Can anyone verify this. It is not clear if the appeal was successful or this was for the original charges. If this is correct, it is very sad. MSK

I am now hearing that Judge Clint Peterson did not allow the victims families to testify and Hathaway is appealing to the Attorney General.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Predator at Hickok School

Hi All, I just received an anonymous email from a concerned citizen stating that there is a potential predator at Hickok school. Jesses Alonso is a janitor there and apparently he sent flowers, balloons and cards to 5 young girls at Hickok for Valentines Day. There was more but the citizen said they would get back to me. Anyone know about this? MSK

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tax the beer to pay the tax refunds and state employees

Here we go. Sebelius has suspended paying out of tax refunds to us and may not be able to pay state employees. I am sure her buddy Obama will bail her out. Perhaps we should suspend paying our state taxes. Hell the Dems don't pay their taxes.

OOOOOr she could do what the Dems in Oregon are doing. Let tax beer 1900 %. A can of beer will go up $1.50. Here are the story's