Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catholic burial ground of still born babies

On the other topix, they brought up spooky places in Ulysses. I remembered on the spot of Family Phys, there was a day care for children. A lot of strange and spooky things took place on the cameras placed strategically that made your hair stand on in. The Catholic Nuns ran the hospital at the time and all the still born or miscarriaged babies were buried on that spot. Many scary stories came out of this story that I witnessed myself.

Have you heard of any spooky stories about that place? I'm serious about these stories that were told to me by employees.????

Maybe this is whats wrong with the most disliked woman that works there and rules big time. K. N.'s PS-Hats off to the new person that is improving the blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's happening to Uly. Topics?

What is happenig to the Uly. Topics? There isn't any new subjects any more. Just one or two and thats all. Joy


Shes also pregant. Probably old news and she is very very angry. About what, I don't have a clue. Angry about the wreck, maybe, angry at herelf, maybe. Who knows???? Her sister said the Area Mental Health is doing a lousy job helping her. She needs a professional, not a want to be. I just happened to meet her sister, not knowing who she was. She was anxous to spew the story to a stranger. ODD!!!! Never laid eyes one the sister before. Had questions bug kept my mouth shut. Joy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women

Ok-This is a dumb song that a friend and I sang at a party at high school. My parents were humiliated and after thinking about it, so was I. We didn't win either. The teachers couldn't believe that shy me could even consider singing such a song. I loved the song even tho I never developed smoking or alcohol. Plus what is Country Western songs all about. "Drinkin, and divorce, etc."

The reason I'm bringing up this subject, leaving out wild women, is the fact that I'm extremely angry with what WE THE PEOPLE are not yelling and screaming and writing our reps and senators with outragious feelings about what our own government has done by raising in prices of cigarettes. I was told today that one pack was almost up to $7, not counting a whole carton, which breaks those who are addicted. Yes, I know the government is trying to get a clean environment, but why pick on smokers. They can step outside to smoke.

Why don't they raise the price of liquor etc. That's what the real killer. Alcohol kills innocent families, not counting their selves by sclerosis of the liver. Id rather pass a car with a smoker driving than a drunk, wouldn't you. Its so hard to quick smoking etc. How is a family that started smoking when it was the cool thing to do to just quit? Alcoholics have AA and I guess there is a need for Smokers Anonymous.

Actually I think its a government thing to crapt on the American people any way to break them and make life miserable for all of us, including gas and groceries and next our prescriptions esp for the elderly. They keep finding ways to make us the broke generation. Theres two kinds of people, the super poor and the super rich. And it's on the way fast. Why didn't they do this many years ago. The government should have banned cigarettes back in the 40's. What do you all think. I don't like cig. smoke, but its better than a boozer behind a wheel. Whats your opinion of our government and their stupid decisions and believe me they are stupid.