Thursday, October 30, 2008

Faith renewed in KS Senator

This election is the most critical I've experienced in my lifetime. For months, I've been a basket case, been upset, scared, angry at Obama, our congress, our treasury sec. and now I've added the American people who would rather watch a tv show instead of what is going on in the election. It seems Joe the plumber finally outwitted Obama. So why doesn't the rest of the people, not stand up and SHOUT NO to this socialist, moslem, anti-white, anti-American, anti-honesty, anti-God, anti-moral, anti-life, pres. candidate, the satanistic Obama. Weeks ago, I brought up the Ks Rep. web site and typed in my opinion, fears and anger at this strange election. Theres an under current that is evil going on in Obamas camp. I also mentioned the bail out. I copied it and pasted it over and over until I hit all of KS officials. (left out the satanistic Obama part) I figured no one would care.

Today, I was having a melt down over the evilness of whoever is behind getting Obama elected. Then I opened a letter I recd. from "Sen. Brownback" and it wasn't a generic one. Two pages of sincerity to my letter. The reason I know it was meant for me, is every word addressed most every comment that was tearing me up about this election. It touched me that he even replyed. Only I know what I wrote. Only this airhead could come up with the severity of my terror if Obama gets elected. I know an aide prob. wrote it but I got a reply. This amazed me. No-one could have wrote him about the bail out, what I did, because I had my own agenda that was passed to me, for getting our country out of so much debt and it would at least worked better than what the sec. of treasury did. He agreed with parts of my plan, he said the sec of treasury was a fine man with good intentions, but Kansans did not do much of the sub-prime morgage borrowing or lending yet we are being asked to pay for it, but he also said what he believed would also help our financial mess. He impressed me and was also honored he agreed with parts of my belief that would help. For him to tell me word by word about what I wrote is awesome. He said "do no harm" is part of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take, and that politicians should also abide by these words as well.
So, Pray, people, pray. God is still in control. Joy

Obama 30 Minute Infomercial

Well? Did anyone besides me watch this? It was well done but I don't think it will sway any undecided voters. Seems the poles are getting close. McCain has a small chance. Penn, Ohio, Florida and Virginia will decide. I hope those people make the right decision.

Has anyone heard about the video tape the L.A. Times is hiding? Obama, Ayers and a Palestinian terrorist. Obama has been marinating in a terrorist, socialist atmosphere all of his life and if he is elected he will show his true colors.

Mark my word if Obama is elected. He will pull out of Iraq too soon and the terrorist and Iranians will move in, he will over tax businesses and give welfare checks to 40% of Americans, launch a trillion dollars in new social programs and our economy will go in the toilet. He will gut our military and turn us into a whimp nation that can not defend itself.

We will be in trouble.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trashy Town

I used to always think that this town was pretty clean and a good place to live. But after I went back around wichita and drove through some of the smaller towns, I have to say this place doesn't even start to compare. Our main street looks deserted, the spaces in between the buildings could be celaend up, maybe put small parks in them. You can drive around town and only a few sections of town look good with the way the neighborhood keeps things clean, but the rest of town looks like nobody cares. What does everyone else think?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A room for Joy and Brainy

Joy and Brain, I created this blog just for you. I love you both but I believe you need a place to yourselves:) Enjoy. MSK

Ulysses topix

I just got through wondering around the old "threads" and couldn't figure out why comments and posts weren't adding up or making sense. Then I noticed that a third of the posts were gone, yet what the person posted to wasn't that bad. Am I making any sense? Who has taken upon theirselves to take freedom of speech from the other topix? Its obviously obvious that some of the posts were just comments that someone just didn't agree with. I may be so very wrong, but the possi person started the topic and so many were deleted. I agree that you shouldn't post anything obscene or use TM's or Guerita's (she hasn't changed a bit) fowl language for any reason. Yet on another topic called I told you so, it was so obscene from the beginning and none were deleted. I'm so grateful to MSK for this blog so I can chat with all of you and be completely honest and know that this kind of actions won't happen. (unless I cause it by my own actions. I am kind of new to topix and what to call everything, so please forgive my mistakes.Joy

Article in Uly. News

Has everyone read the managing editors article in the Ulysses News about not being able to get a job unless bi-lingual? It's very eye opening esp for WE THE PEOPLE, that are needing a job in Ulysses. She is Spanish "only by marriage, yet was in an interview for a job opening AND met all the qualifications until that "last dreaded question": Do you speak Spanish? She didn't speak Spanish. Then they told her they didn't have a position at that time. She mentioned to please explain it to her that to become a U.S. citizen, you have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English, yet the business people cater to people who can't speak English. Is this what our country is coming to. Why do the candidates not bring the illegal problem up as an important issue of our country? After all, it is proved our deficit is caused by taking care of illegals: their food stamps, their medications, their doctor appts,their hospital stay, esp for having more babies, free food on main street and at the Mexican American Ministries. And the fact when they do come to the Methodist Church for free food, they are all driving brand new Svu's etc. Come check this fact out every Thursday. Even if your husband was hurt on the job, maybe you can't find a job as a wife, you have nothing coming in to support your family, you still can't qualify for SRS help. They won't even help a white mother with children that the dad walked out on unless you aren't white. What is going on in America. Is this what our forfathers faught for at Valley Forge. Go to Philadelphia and see the Liberty Bell and how many police are guarding it, or the Constitution Center. I was so proud when I visited all of these places to call myself an American. I'm so sad for my country and esp for the politicians that are ruining our rights. This a.m. our stock market plunged again. Why? Ask your congressmen, I did and I will continue until the election to bug them and be a thorn in their sides. It was brought to my attention today, that a friend called CBN about them covering Obama's visit to Hawaii to see his sick Grandmother and "they didn't have a clue what she was talking about." !!!Is she really sick or is it another of his gimics he has a sack full of. Am I the only person that is sick or should I say ashamed, over what our great country has became?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

double murder

Authorities released a sketch Thursday of a person they believe may have information about the murders of two people in Ulysses, Kansas.
Marcos and Holda Garcia were found dead in a trailer home on the west edge of Ulysses in the early morning of August 30.
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The Grant County Sheriff's Office and Kansas Bureau of Investigation would like to speak with anyone who has information about the crime or who was in the area between 5 pm Friday, August 29th and the early morning hours on Saturday, August 30th. They also released a sketch of an Hispanic male who they're calling a person of interest.
Anyone with information should contact law enforcement at 1(800) KS-CRIME.

More break ins

Does anyone know anything about the breakins on main street this past weekend?

Friday, October 17, 2008

tornado in ulysses kansas

is Ulysses Haunted?

economic development board

I see that they are looking to fill a position in the board, I am not sure the names they mentioned in the paper would be good ones or not. I think we need someone in there that can help bring businesses to town, they need to spend the $600,000 they have in their account or they need to give some of it back the city or county, wherever it came from. They have it to spend why don't we see them using any of it to bring businesses to town?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ethanol Plant Money Pit

Ok, here is a question.


A. A million dollar mud hole?

B. The Grant County Prairie Rehabilitation Project?

C. Waterfowl Refuge?

D. NexSun Ethanol Plant?

Post you answers below.

Now Seriously, I have heard this plant is on hold and may not ever be finished. Grain and fuel prices have made it no longer a profitable venture.

Anyone else know anything?


Monday, October 13, 2008

Something New for You

Here is some info about Ulysses that some of you may or may not know. its your turn to post something for the rest of us to learn.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


What is the latest on the walmart. They are saying it won't come now? Any info?