Thursday, April 16, 2009

larrys oil

what ever happened to the larrys oil thing?

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  1. I'm curious also. It seems that in our fair town anyone can get away with anything.They don't know that if you commit a crime of any kind that there has to be concequences. Ive grown up here, love it here, hate them spending our tax money on a part of a hospital esp for the billing offices, but yet our great drs still aren't qualified for surgery etc and sends most people to Wichita, etc, raises our taxes on our property to where it takes a full paycheck to pay them, and on and on. Yet its prob. going on in every city across the nation. Kind of off your subject, Red Man. Sorry. I've seen so many unfair situations the years I've lived here. Oh, I have to get something off my chest, why does that gal Mrs.Scott Nichols (witch,((sorry)) have all the authority over the Fam. Phys. doctors. She can fire patients, fire drs, plus she has the authority to get into patient/doctor confidentiality. HONESTLY, this is too much for me to handle and the worst of is our wonderful county atty, lets this happen. Joy