Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama 30 Minute Infomercial

Well? Did anyone besides me watch this? It was well done but I don't think it will sway any undecided voters. Seems the poles are getting close. McCain has a small chance. Penn, Ohio, Florida and Virginia will decide. I hope those people make the right decision.

Has anyone heard about the video tape the L.A. Times is hiding? Obama, Ayers and a Palestinian terrorist. Obama has been marinating in a terrorist, socialist atmosphere all of his life and if he is elected he will show his true colors.

Mark my word if Obama is elected. He will pull out of Iraq too soon and the terrorist and Iranians will move in, he will over tax businesses and give welfare checks to 40% of Americans, launch a trillion dollars in new social programs and our economy will go in the toilet. He will gut our military and turn us into a whimp nation that can not defend itself.

We will be in trouble.



  1. As of late last night, McCain and Palin were fighting for the release of the tape. Fox reports that they can't even prove if who submmited this tape has any restrictions on letting it out to the public or not as claimed. Fox is battling hard for McCain. As I've been looking back, a thought came to my mind. 9/11 twin towers terroristic bombing was blamed on the Saddam H., Islamics, anti-Israelists. As the story unveals, all of Obama's friends are anti-government, anti- Israel, a terrorist named Ayers who has a history of bombing America, plus his plotted presidential candidacy for a long time, with these undesirables help. Did Obama have his dirty hands in the worst thing to happen to our country?

    Its evident to even me, that something is so wrong in our country. Why is he going full speed ahead to get this office. As of this a.m., they announced even the idiot Gore was campaigning with him and the impeached Clinton. He blatantly states he wants to change our Constitution, buy our 401K's, never says a word about the voting fruad, the money coming in from park bench addresses, etc. McCain will not put up with all of this because he stands for honor. Am I losing all prospective? Pray, People, Pray. joy

  2. Need to clear up a mistake. About the 9/11 statement, I meant to say the planes, not bombing. When my hubby came home, I mentioned to him, how I couldn't get Obama and what I was thinking (he calls me his airhead and dumb blonde anyway)off my mind and was I really a dumb blonde and airhead. He said NO, that if I was thinking this, that didn't I think someone else in the KNOW wasn't thinking the same thing. So, Pray, people, pray! joy
    I'm sorry, it takes me tons of words to say something simple. Part of being a dumb blonde.

  3. I guess I am the only one to comment on the infomercial. It was a rude, attempt to take McCain down. I'm angry at the American people that had their heads up their butts that wouldn't watch Fox, read the papers, research this man, and research more. I'm angry at our Congress for letting this happen. I'm angry at the people that were dead, or illegals that were signed up 70 times that did get to vote for this man. What is going on in our nation. It was evident to a nobody like me he was hell bent to get the presidency,no matter who he ran over, or how many lies he told, no matter how many terrorists, anti Israel friends he had. I'm ashamed this happened and they let it happen.