Thursday, October 9, 2008


What is the latest on the walmart. They are saying it won't come now? Any info?


  1. I have heard that construction will start in february, I heard that it took awhile for the state to approve the stop light that would be installed out there and that is what took so long to get everything going.

  2. I haven't anything on this. I am curious. I do not understand how they plan to make money here.

    I look at it this way, You have a Walmort in Garden City, Liberal and Lamar. People that will be potential customers are from Johnson, Sublette, Hugoton, Lakin, Syracuse, Walsh, Elkhart, Satanta and so on. Why would they come here. Liberal and Garden have many more things to do in their cities then we do here. Movies, Malls, many more restaurants, fun centers, You name it. Other than Ulysses, Johnson are the only people that will benefit and use this Walmart. I mean, you live in Satanta, Sublette, Lakin, Hugoto. Are you going to come to Ulysses or drive the same distance to Garden or Liberal. I know where I would go.
    Hard to see how they plan to make money here.


  3. The only thing that might make people come here instead of liberal is our taxes are alot lower which could make a difference if someone is making a big purchase.

  4. It will work, but nothing great guns like GC and Liberal. We will just wait until I can use the latrine there to believe that it will be build.

  5. I spoke with someone today that "knows" about Wal-Mart. There was a hang up that slowed the process down but yes it is going to happen. We are getting a Wal-Mart. They are doing some sort of ledding right now.

  6. At this time, Wal-Mart is still planning on developing a site in Ulysses. No dates have been established yet.

    City of Ulysses Webmaster
    115 W Grant Ave
    Ulysses, KS 67880

    Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 1:04 PM
    Subject: Wal-mart

    Are we going to get a walmart? What is the latest news? Rumors are flying everwhere. I hate rumors.

    This is the actual email.. I told you guys I am blunt and hate bullshit! I always go straight for the source. My English teacher use to say I was destined for journalism! Yea right! LOL

  7. I've heard the planning committe said Wally is on go. I was for them completely in the beginning until I started getting concerned about our economy. What if a lot of us need a second job, will they hire everybody, white and spanish. At GC Wally World the spanish are taking over the jobs. This is my concern.
    By the way, everyone, I guess I'm a true dumb blone, can you tell me how to find a picture or something to show how much a dumb blonde I am.

  8. Hi Joy, glad to see you here. I believe a good close up photo of Paris Hilton would be good. She is the classic dumb blonde. At least that is what she wants everyone to believe.

    As for Walmart.I think it will be really convenient for everyone here in Ulysses. I just can't see them staying open for very long. Ulysses Pap. had some inside info on it.

    Hopefully they will be an equal oppurtunity employer.


  9. Yes walmart is an EOE! They have to have an equally diverse employee census! The deal @ GC is that the mexicans are probably the only ones applying for the job, and they need the help, they hire who ever shows up!

  10. joy just seems to be some sort of white supremist or something, wal mart hires everybody from retards to people in a wheelchair with one arm no matter what color they are. wal mart wants a store here so that they can completely blanket the whole entire country and shut down everybody else and they then can raise the prices. remember wal mart used to be all american everything? and now they have inferior products from china.

  11. there is an article in mondays garden city paper about it. It says construction will start in the spring

  12. it says it will start in the spring, but do you really believe that?

  13. Garden City Telegram Story

    Ulysses Wal-Mart construction likely to start in spring

    Published 10/13/2008


    There is no set date for construction of the Wal-Mart Super Center that is going to be built in Ulysses, but city officials said the process is moving along and hope to have more details about construction in the future.

    But for now, city officials, including Ulysses building official Todd Hampton and City Administrator Daron Hall, are fielding questions from Ulysses residents about when they can expect to start shopping at the store.

    "Right now, we just don't know," Hampton said.

    Hall said construction should begin in the spring.

    The holdup, Hall and Hampton said, is the process of waiting on the results from a traffic study from the Kansas Department of Transportation. KDOT is conducting the traffic study because Wal-Mart will be built along Kansas Highway 160.

    "It's a tricky road, and a state highway. We have to work with the state to get it approved," Hall said.

    The main entrance to the Wal-Mart will be off the highway. Hampton said the traffic study is essential to make sure the safety considerations, including traffic volumes and turning volumes, are addressed properly.

    "They want to make sure what they put in will be safe on the highway," Hampton said.

    There is no scheduled date for the completion of the traffic study, Hampton said, but "we're hopeful that it's quick. Hopefully, everything's getting closer."

    After the traffic study is completed, Wal-Mart can bid out the project for construction.

    The Wal-Mart will be built east of Spruce Street between K-160 and Hampton Avenue, which is the last lot heading east out of town.

    Wal-Mart representatives have said the store could add 125 to 175 jobs in Ulysses, depending on the season, in its 100,000-square-foot store. Hampton said he isn't sure about any extra businesses that would operate inside the store, such as a vision center, a pharmacy or bank.

    Hampton said there hasn't been much negative feedback about Wal-Mart. Instead, he is hearing questions from Ulysses residents.

    "Citizens are wondering when they are going to get started and get open," Hampton said. "We just don't know."

  14. Red man, you seem to always say something negative about me and I don't care one bit, so keep it up. I, today, can't wait for Wally World. Gas prices have come down, but grocery prices in Ulysses have stayed high. They blamed their high prices on gas. So let WalMart come on in and break their business until they wake up and lower their grocery prices and then I would buy from them again. I had to go to GC yesterday so took advantage to WalMart prices and saved a ton of money for groceries.

  15. Notice how everyone has someone in the "know" about this but nothing really has happened yet.

  16. The WalMart at GC told the planning committee that most of their business from out of town was coming from Ulysses and this is the main reason for building here. Sams should be opened as I speak. Avenger, I'm in love with Walmarts restrooms also. It thrills me how the toilet flushes before you stand up.This amazes me. I sit down and get up over and over trying to figure it out. It doesn't take much to entertain this white supremist, red man. I like that dumb show on discovery, where they figure out how everything works even toilets on jets. duh

  17. I'm so into this election that I'm having bad headaches, so my hubby is making me either turn off my tv or watch other shows, like the dirtiest jobs, etc. yuk.