Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reviving the Lake Issue

Well, I thought I would bring this back the front burner. I see Curious made a post here and I thought maybe some of the newbies might want a shot at it. MSK

Friday, October 17, 2008

poop pond aka Frazier Lake
I want to here, learn, and understand whatever there is to know about this project. I have lived here for a few years and if I remember correctly or maybe I don't, this seems to me like I rememeber something about this project before it was started, that is was the group that was called Grant County Leadership or something like that. It was a group of people that changed each year. You paid to be part of it and I don't really remember what else. But, I think I remember them approaching City Council, Commissioners, or something about this project. Seems to me, that that it was not suppost to cost the tax payers much, as it was going to be grants that this organization would find. Okay, well, I don't remember all of it and maybe that is wrong.............what does anyone else rememeber. I would like to hear what others think or know about this project. Maybe we could research some old news papers or the min. from these past meetings to find out more.Here is a link that I found just now on the subject. comments?U.P.
Posted by Ulysses Paparazzi at Friday, October 17, 2008

brainy smurf said...
I definately would not call it a pristine fishery
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Ulysses Paparazzi said...
how bout a poopstine fishery? I would not think I would eat anything I cought otu fo there. If its not safe to swim in is it safe to eat from................? UGH
Saturday, October 18, 2008
the_avenger said...
It is nice to have something out there though other than run down trails and kid's place to go and do things.
Sunday, October 19, 2008
Patriot said...
I would like to hear what everyone knows about this pond? Keric Sullivan is pissed about it. I have other things about being over budget and funds for golf course being used on it. Brainy, You mean you wouldn't eat a fish from there? MSK
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
brainy smurf said...
No I don't think I will do any fishing there any time soon. Why is Keric upset about it?
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
imjustcurious247 said...
Keric is pissed because he and his wife take their pack of dogs out to the trails just about every day. I understood that he doesn't want to loose that. I'm thinking, duh, now you can walk them around the lake. I believe he also had a "concern" about the wetlands...I was told that they are somehow being included in the lake project.With the way Ulysses is growing, the sewer ponds are filling up, and were going to have to build/dig more. A study was done and by recycling (you get what I'm saying) the sewer water and using it to not only water the golf course, but to also fill the lake it saves from having more ponds. At least this way, you can take the wife and kids out to the lake and throw a pole in...better than just having more ponds dug and using up precious farm least that is my take on it.
Monday, November 03, 2008


  1. Well, I read the news today and saw that Malone and Wiltse are asking why there are no plants growing around the pond. Well here is why. Many plants can't thrive and grow in acidic soil. This purified sewer water they are filling the lake with is seeping into the surrounding soil and stunting plant growth.

    There can be still a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus compounds in purified sewage after the most popular two step of
    wastewater treatment. Irrigation with that sewage can be the third step of wastewater treatment. It can be very
    useful in rural area. However, it can be a reason of physical, chemical and biological changes of soil properties,
    because those waters implicate a lot of nutrients and salts. The determination of changes’ rate of soil under impact
    of purified sewage is very difficult, because various processes and factors are involved in process of wastewater
    treatment in soil. Improper irrigation with purified sewage can be a reason of negative changes. Soil acidity
    was chosen as an indicator of chemical changes, because it causes a lot of serious consequences like: decrease
    of yield, calcium and magnesium leaching, increase of organic mater mineralization rate and soil mineral weathering


  2. just read what imjust curios wrote, and I think you are an idiot. I also have this question: how come we have a cemetery with dried up patches but we have to water the golf course for the arrogant asses that go out there?

  3. I have lived in Ulysses a lot of years. It is amazing that this project ever happened!!!
    In the late 60's there were a few adults that wanted to play a little game called Softball. As we all know Ulysses is a very sports minded town, At that time there were not a lot of ball dimonds. Most vacant lots had some team trying to practice the Men's and Women's played when ever we could squeeze in on a field. after a year or so a handful auuired the land at Frazier park and made a field It took a lot
    of hard work to come up with the moneys for lights and an announcer booth . In a while we grew and had aseems like 22 teams and a traveling team.There were games every night both fields and tournaments almost every weekend. now we became the Ulysses Softball Association. We built a second field. lights were put in.
    It was decided that we would turn the fields over to the city With the provision that it would be maintained as ball fields. this was
    a place the ADULTS could play ball.
    as a point of intrest we started the girls softball in Ulyssas. Any way to make a long story short This should still be softball fields according to the way the land was given

  4. So Freedom, was there a contract in writing with the city? If so, did they get permission to demolish the fields from the Softball Association? MSK

  5. I know that members (((officers at the time)) attended city meeting, details were worked out.. At this time people lived by handshakes and their word. I dont remember a contract.but it was a lot of years ago .

  6. Lets all go to the Ulysses City Council web site and start reading the minutes of every single meeting for the last two years. I just started. They had to be drunk or stupid or just didn't give a rip for a lot of decisions. Its as if they get together and say "What can we do to screw up Ulysses with next time, and how much money can we screw the people out of to do it." And Patriot I was astounded when I seen the softball fields demolished. Everyone loves to play softball. As far as I'm concerned they've made a mess and should be ashamed. And for Keric, he had a 5 or 6 heart bypass surgery a while back so he will need to find a nice place to walk to get his strength back. Joy

  7. Redman, I totally agree with you about our cemetary. It is dry and the grass isn't green. This town has their priorities all upside down. I'm just hacked to the core. JOY

  8. I forgot to say, I'm totally hacked at the softball fields also. Totally. They are a one minded bunch of fools to not poll this town to see what WE THE PEOPLE want for a change. joy