Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jennifer Longfellow had court today

There was a hearing for Jennifer today at 10:30 a.m.
According to my sources, she was charged with
Failure to yield the right of way
and involuntary manslaughter
She plead not guilty to both charges. Her attorney is Tate out of Hugoton. Trial by Judge not by jury, will be sometime in January.


  1. WOW, that is very suprising.

  2. My information is that she will plead to the Stop sign violation and they will drop the involuntary manslaughter and the families are OK with that. It will probably get worked out before the court date. Longfellow would be a fool not to take a deal. We will see, maybe she has been talked into something really stupid. MSK

  3. Fellow bloggers, I was contacted by a family member of one of the fallen girls in this case. She says I incorrectly stated something here on this blog and I will correct it when she gets back to me.
    I do want to say this. For my part, if what I have blogged is true, that the families have agreed to a plea bargain and the County Attorney does what the families wish, then I will not pursue this case any further. The families are the victims and as long as they have been satisfied then the County Attorney has done her job.
    For all of you who prescribe to religion, pray for the families.

    I will say this. Miss Longfellow has shown no remorse in my eyes. She has not demonstrated that she can abide by the rules of a law abiding society and until she receives professional help and proves she has earned a place in this society then she should be locked up. She continues to drive, has been involved in another similar accident and arrested for shoplifting. She is a menace to all those around her. She has a support system in place that defends her blindly and shares her view that she has done nothing wrong.
    In one split second, four lives were ended and four families destroyed forever. She should be down on her knees begging for forgiveness and thanking God that she was not killed also. She should devote her life to teaching other kids about safe driving and the life altering effects that one moment of inattention can have. Instead I hear very disturbing stories about things she has said and done that fly in the face of how a normal reasonable person should act.
    Miss Longfellow, do the right thing. Plead Guilty to everything, beg the families to forgive you and then serve your time and live your trying to make sure this never happens again.

  4. The mother that contacted me would not tell me what the correct charges were. I went back to my source and the correct charge is Vehicular Homicide which is a Misdemeanor. Involuntary Manslaughter is a felony, but they did not charge her with this. They also did not charge her as an adult. I stand corrected on this. I also believe tat there maybe one family not happy with the charges. We will se. what happens. MSK

  5. What is the message that a small community like Ulysses is giving out with not only an unsolved double homicide, yet a young teen who hasn't any remorse for an accident that took four of her friends lives and almost her own, then an owner of a business that evidently needs a time out from society in one way or another for sexually harming a woman or women, and in Johnson, another hung jury, "murder", which is smeared with corruption and a huge hint of being bought off because of family wealth. What is going on? Puts a chill up my spine.

  6. MSK, the comment that you left on Nov. 20...You said it!! I couldn't agree more!