Friday, November 21, 2008

Alert - Floyd Murder Charges to be Dimissed

Here is a news release I received just minutes ago. MSK

After more than three years and two trials, prosecutors are dismissing murder charges against a western Kansas couple.
That's according to the couple's defense attorney, Dan Monnat.
In a statement released Friday, Monnat says the Attorney General's Office is expected to dismiss the charges on Monday.
"Chad and Shannon Floyd have waited more than three long years to be cleared of these accusations, and Monday's dismissal hearing can't come soon enough for them or their families. The Floyds are innocent, and they are anxious to put these trials behind them and move on with their lives," says Monnat.
Chad and Shannon Floyd were accused of killing Michael Golub in Johnson City in Stanton County. Authorities never found Golub's body.
Two trials have ended in a hung jury.
Eyewitness News is working to confirm the dismissal through the Attorney General's Office.


  1. I take it they must have finally paid off the prosecutors.

  2. The prosecuters finally wised up and realized that without evidence, they are not going to be able to convict. This is the smartest move they could make. If additional evidence comes up, they can re-file the charges.

    If they were to go with what they had, and a jury returns a not guilty verdict, (which is quite possible considering two hung juries) then it would be over. The double jeopardy laws would prevent the prosecution from being charged with anything to do with this case, no matter how much evidence showed up.

  3. I agree JJ. I believe in this case the Prosecution can not get a far trial. They need a little more. Maybe someone will turn up some remains or someone will talk and it will be enough to push this case over the finish line. MSK

  4. Double Jeopardy? Ring a bell? Anyone? Now, before I get everyone's dander up. Please note that I have no idea what happened or what is going on. Still, I have heard something about the case. But, two trials and both end in hung juries?

  5. Not sure what you are talking about Sarah? It is only double jeopary if they come down with a verdict and then the prosecution charges them again with the same crime. Hung juries don't count. They can continue to try them until they get a guilty or innocent. MSK

  6. Well said, Patriot. I guess I didn't realize from her post that she might not understand the true meaning of double jeopardy. After re-reading it, you are probably correct. Sorry Sarah, didn't mean to sound disrespectful in the previous post. ;)

  7. They claim they haven't a body. How can you find a body down a deep well filled with cement. Sad to say, he was nephew long ago. Friends in ST. County said many times, the trial should have had a differern venue. Johnson is a small town. Everyone knows everyone and everyone is related to the Big $$Winger and $$Floyd machine. Need I say more.