Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What do the Republicans do now?

Last Tuesday night was the beginning of a dark time for he United States but now is not the time for Republicans to curl up in the fetal position and cry like babies. That was last Tuesday. Now we have to stand strong and rebuild the party. We have to build the infrastructure in the Democrat states that can inspire votes and bring on new Republicans. We have to beat them at their own game. A game ,which by the way used to be our game. We have to donate time and money, if we have any left in four years, or we will have 8 years of Obama.

The Democrats idea of bi-partisanship is when the Republicans bend over, take it in the rear and then do it the liberal way. Now that they are in power in both houses and the White House we need to make sure we keep the few representatives we have left on the Hill headed in the right direction. The one bright spot was that Dems didn't get that 60 seat majority in the senate and Republicans can still block really left wing radical ideas from getting to Obama desk. The only way to make sure our representatives stay true to us is to call them and write them and let them hear our voices. This does work, take the Amnesty Bill and recently the Bail out bill. The Kansas boys voted the right way. Here is there contact info.

Brownback, Sam- (R - KS)
Class III
(202) 224-6521
Web Form: brownback.senate.gov/CMEmailMe.cfm

Roberts, Pat- (R - KS)
Class II
(202) 224-4774
Web Form: roberts.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactInf...

Jerry Moran
Washington, D.C. Office:2202 Rayburn House Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20515P: (202) 225-2715F: (202) 225-5124

I also believe that Obama is going to be hit with reality when he walks in the White House door and he is going to realize that he can not do all the things he wants to do. This will anger many on the left who think he is going to pay their mortage, fill up their gas tank, pay for their kids college and all ther health insurance. Those hypnotized liberal zombies are going to be wondering what happened to their Messiah. I recommend the movie the Omega Code. It is very much like what is happening. We have to suck it up and stand out ground. Familiarize yourselves with Republican and Democrat poliicies so you can intelligently argue you point and win over converts.

Good Luck, we will all need it.



  1. I voted for obama and I believe he can make a difference. I never expected him to pay my mortgage or to fill up my gas tank, remember it was john mccain who wanted to remove taxes from gasoline for the summer not obama. I hope obama sticks to his guns and gets us on a new track to energy independence and that can happen if we just try alittle

  2. I do remember what McCain want to do and it was a cheap political stunt. Didn't work either. This video is what I am talking about. Many people are not as intelligent or as informed as you are Redman. All they heard was Hope and Change and all the promises that he made. There are many people just like this woman that are in for a huge let down. I too hope Obama makes us energy independent, but restricting drilling, bankrupting the coal industry cause electric and gasoline prices to go through the roof just so he can force companies to start looking at Green energy is not the way to go. MSK



  3. I think it is the way to go. why do you care about the coal industry? We could start making wind energy and solar without bankrupting the coal industry I am sure because it will take many years to switch over to other forms of energy and the other forms of energy would be better for this stat thatn the coal industry

  4. Red man, I hope you stick to your guns when Obama sends someone to get them. I looked at Obama in every way. I wanted a man in that high office who had the high morals to go with the job. The fact that Obama wants the impeached Clinton in his staff was beyond me. There isn't any morals again. I'm not happy with a man whose friend is a crazy anti-white preacher of many many years. Go listen to him on your internet. If we have a president that can't support Israel, like another friend believes, we definately are in trouble. His deep dealings with planned parenthood that believes in late term abortion that allows a live baby lay and die, is uncomprehensible. Its murder any way you look at it. Again, what does God say? The state-ment he could change our Constitution that God praying men not only fought for, but drew up our government, is also wrong. Our country, even way back at the Mayflower compact, shows how important God is to our gov. Yet he can't state his faith in God without his tongue twisting. What part of God's Word- THOU SHALT NOT, do you not understand. Obama went to a church that only screamed of hatred for whites. Are you white? and do you support this belief system that is obvious. Look up his wife's grad. thesis and see why they won't release it. Its anti-white, people. Yes, I will give him an opportunity to change my opinion, but I want truth and only truth. Yes, I'm scared for my country. I believe, that if he trys to shove our country into socialism, you will see the American people finally wake up and they will have a revolution that will show the American people have had it with not only our corrupt gov, but also with a man that clearly with all thats been shoved down our throats by taking away our rights as an American. No more will one person, stand up and say, NO more prayer in school, and not one more single person will get a lawyer so her little child not have to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Finally people have had enough and they want God back in this country. Yes, the issues of the campaign had me in an uproar against Obama, but these other facts are also important. If my people, who are called by my name, will fall on their knees and confess their sins, I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND. Don't you think we are at that place now. joy

  5. Obama basically got elected with a majority of brainwashed zombies. Between his soaring rhetoric and the fact that most of the so called News Channels and Papers that were in the tank for him and only put out positive Obama messages and negative McCain Palin message, these people didn't the all the facts. Check out the this web site and watch the videos. Ziegler and Zogby did some very interesting polling that tells the real story. MSK


  6. With the notion of a world currency plus the ridiculas bailouts, I just keep writing letters, emailing letters to not only Ks reps, but everyone I can get my hands on, etc. but most of all, getting on my knees to God and praying for our country. Not only our country but the world is in serious disaray.

  7. I still feel deeply and also shared with the Ks Senators and reps, hat the electon should have been put on hold until the Obaminator of Omabinations got his evil sorted out and exposed.
    ps-When Obamas GM was ill in HW, the news just showed him pacing the street. Sympathy votes. When his Grandmother passed away before the election, did anyone hear of him attending a funeral????? Curious