Friday, February 6, 2009

Cancer in the police dept.

Has anyone heard that two, maybe three officers are suffering with cancer? I do know that they are going to a Bible study to give them strength throughout this ordeal. With the wreck that cost our community those beautiful young women, the baby that was left in the car, or the child that was decapitated and more, can we ask what is going on in Ulysses? With what is going on without morals is it God's Hands upon our little town, telling us to stop our wicked ways and I will heal your city.My thoughts, Joy


  1. Just a rumor I heard from a good source. Trying to find

  2. They are holding a Bible study in a certain church and thats a fact. joy
    ps-I'm still drilling someone to get the facts.

  3. I was correct about an officer having cancer. They have set up a fund to help him financially with expenses. Sad, isn't it. He's too young to fight this awful medical fight. Pray for him. I believe his name is Harmon. Joy