Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Predator at Hickok School

Hi All, I just received an anonymous email from a concerned citizen stating that there is a potential predator at Hickok school. Jesses Alonso is a janitor there and apparently he sent flowers, balloons and cards to 5 young girls at Hickok for Valentines Day. There was more but the citizen said they would get back to me. Anyone know about this? MSK


  1. no, but if that is true you should send this email to the school board or at least talk to the principal. Isnt hickok school the k-3rd or whatever now?

  2. Redman, they know about it. It was six girls and supposedly Ken Warner, the principal, talked to him and he told the one mother that complained that Jesse didn't mean anything by it. School board may need to find out. MSK

  3. They should still do something.

  4. Unless he sent them to his family members. But, then why not send the items to their homes?

  5. UPDATE - It is now 6 girls and they all recieved balloons, red roses and a card. So far only one family has complained and Warner told them he did not have a good reason to fire Alonso. Then he said he would put Alonso on the night shift cleaning the school. Alonso told Warner and a teacher that " he sent the girls the gifts because they did favors for them." WHAT? Officer Cavasos was also finally called in on the matter. He said that Alonso had no priors for anything like this.

    Is it just me or is Warner dropping the ball here. Do you wait until a young girl comes up missing? Abused and Raped? And what about the parents. Only one family complains? Where are the rest of the parents? These are the same parents that after their daughter is raped by this guy, turn around and sue the school for doing anything. Where is their outrage?

    I will have a list of school board members soon if you wish to write or call them. And if Warner doesn't get off his ass and fire this guy then he needs to retire early.


  6. Isn't Cavasos related to Alonso? Cousins or something?
    Plus, what about Alonso's brother? Isn't he in jail or prison for attacking young girls? That apple saying comes to mind. One bad apple...
    Sorry if I offended anybody.

  7. Hi Sarah, Tony is Jesse's Cousin? I am beginning to hear more stories about him giving flowers to young girls. Two over last christmas. Does Jesse have a criminal record for this kind of thing? Does anyone else know anymore about him? MSK

  8. Patriot, that is what my dad told me. I'll ask for confirmation from him when I come down there today.

  9. Hi all, It is true. Tony is related to Jesses Alonso. Warner and Bill Hall have kept him on as a janitor and moved him to night shift. I do understand that Tony and Carlos Salinas are investigating him now. MSK

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  10. What's going with this, Patriot?

  11. I feel strongly that we have to protect our children, PERIOD. Give him a paid absence until they find out all of the truth. The day this posted, it also happened at a Wichita school, but it was the truth that this man did molest the girls and he was fired. Its happening everywhere, all the time. Why take chances. If this is your child, would you set on your fingers doing not a? Joy

  12. Hi Sarah, Carlos Salinas is investigating this. He is interviewing all the girls. Alonso was placed on suspension without pay. MSK

  13. He is gone. I received an email from the mother of one of the girls. The investigation did not turn up any evidence of exual assault but the school fired Alonso anyway. The school made the right decision. MSK