Monday, February 16, 2009

Tax the beer to pay the tax refunds and state employees

Here we go. Sebelius has suspended paying out of tax refunds to us and may not be able to pay state employees. I am sure her buddy Obama will bail her out. Perhaps we should suspend paying our state taxes. Hell the Dems don't pay their taxes.

OOOOOr she could do what the Dems in Oregon are doing. Let tax beer 1900 %. A can of beer will go up $1.50. Here are the story's



  1. legalize marijuana and tax that

  2. How bout we curb spending...the answer isn't to tax anything anymore....

  3. Oh Joe, just wait. Your taxes are just about to go through the roof. They are going to have to pay for all this spending. Inflation is about to skyrocket also. If the government starts printing money the value of our dollar is tank. The next 10 to 20 years is going to be bad. MSK

  4. Joe,we have to curb spending. If we see something we think we need, Put the money it costs in a jar. It adds up fast. Do we need clothes we really don't need, don't. Put the money in your jar. Dont live on pop, chips, candy bars. So many things even at a 25cents can make a diffence. Make it a game with family..Why do kids carry pop day in and day out. Money spent foolishy, plus it eats their teeth, thus money to the dentist, I can attest it adds up fast. Thats always the answer.I've hoarded coins all my life. They tax cigarettes, yet with cigs. you don't get drunk and kill someone else.
    If Sebelus has broke our state, lets impeach the arrogant woman. Shes upset because she was positive she would be the vice president nominee.
    When Greensburg was hit and destroyed by that tornado, she trew a fit that our equip. was all in the horrible Iraq war which was trying to keep our cuntry safe.(doo doo thinking. The war had all the big eqipment over there and She said she was mad that they weren't in the help clean Greensburg. Duh. What a lie?
    Every county in KS has equipment that came to help out. Sebelius said a fib. What else is she fibbing about.

    I actually think our government is trying to break us. Is it the illuminati,(super rich and the ones that want to run the world). Thanks to my xhusband taking me to a Syracuse meeting which I tought was the American Ag, happened to be the militant group. I walked in and machine guns, gas masks, grenades, other guns, etc, scared me to death and I told that jerk to take me the h--l home and NOW. Then it got worse. WE need to pray, if it isn't too late, for our country. If we go into a depression, there will a bunch of bloodshed, I pray we will be happy to do our part and really curb our spending.

    Yes, Red Man, this goes with the one world government, the illuminati, one world currency that started in Europe, and it is scary, esp for my children. The depression was terribley rough, yet on Fox they said this is more coming to a depression than a recession. The world is broke. How do we pay for food, how does everyone pay for rx's. Will there be euthanism? We might be back to sewing our clothes, and protecting our familes. Not being negative, just stating what I learned with my first farmer hubby that was sooo frightening and anxiety ran rampant. Red Man, look into it. Its true and is still all over the US.

    JoeJackson, we need to boycott the people that are price gowdging us. Just buy the absolute needs and that is all. People will feel the hurt. All of form a huge meeting against illegal aliens. Everyone is grouching about them, but we won't form a town meeting to prove all the unhappy people that want the illegals to go back home. In a former email it was proved its costing KS millions of dollars feeding illegal children breakfast, dinner, books, free medicine, money, free drs. and on and on. millions and millions to feed the little kids breakfast, dinner, free medical, free rx's, etc. Sorry Red Man, I'm prob. still full of it. Joy

  5. the biggest waste of money is bottled water, how many millions of dollars a year are completely wasted on very overpriced water that comes out of the tap pretty much free?

  6. and joy if the one world govt. thing you are talking about happens it will be those militant groups you talk about that will save us